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My mission is simple: to democratise abundance.

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Whatcha Wanna Know?

Here’s a quick run-down. My name’s Troy Dean, and I am based in Melbourne, Australia. I am the founder of Agency Mavericks – a global community of digital creatives. Our purpose is to help agency owners and freelancers scale their business and spend more time doing what they love with who they love. We do that through coaching, courses, and an incredible community.

I’m also a podcaster (listen to The Agency Hour now), a serial entrepreneur, a digital educator and motivator, and a proud dad and husband. I believe in an honest, real, no BS approach to everything and that everyone is created equal.

If I had to define my mission, it would be to enable entrepreneurs with a passion to create a business that will allow them to serve their audience and create abundance for themselves, their family, and their community.

Why Web/Agencies/
Digital You Ask?

In my late 20s, I felt lost. I wasn’t sure where I fit in or what I was great at. And a lot of people at this age can probably relate to these feelings- maybe you can right now? Despite not finding my place, I always had this persistent inner drive and self-motivation. I wanted to be good and help others- this is something that sticks with me today.

During all this soul-searching, I found the digital agency world. With each web project I completed and each client I worked for, I knew that I was where I was meant to be. So, I grew my agency and learned A LOT along the way.

Eventually, I moved into the coaching and community space and started WP Elevation. This platform was all about the technology and applications of WordPress because that’s what digital agency owners needed at the time. Since then, we’ve evolved to help digital creatives from all backgrounds and specialties excel in their own unique way.

Now, we are Agency Mavericks- a destination for motivated freelancers and agency owners to unite in a shared purpose, connect over the same struggles and wins, and achieve their business goals.

Paying it Forward is
in my DNA

We talk a lot about purpose and ‘finding your why’ in the digital world. For me, it’s always been clear. To explain my purpose, I have to take you back to when I was four to five years old.

I remember being at my grandfather’s house all the time. The phone would ring, and it would always be for him. He’d talk to them briefly, and a few minutes later, a family of strangers would arrive at the house and come inside.

My grandfather helped immigrants settle in Australia and find what they needed. Upon their arrival, these families would be sent to him for support, whether that was completing paperwork, connecting to public services, or something else. Ultimately, he helped these families to find their feet in a new country.

Since I was young, this sense of community has been fixed in my being. And I feel compelled to continue that legacy. That’s why I strive to support people in any way I can, whether they’re a paying customer or not. I believe we live in an abundant world, and we’re here to pay it forward.

Troy Dean - Agency Mavericks
Democratising abundance

Democratising Abundance

The digital world has allowed anyone with a laptop and some ambition to jump online and start a business. And I love this concept of democratising abundance. But with this opportunity comes great overwhelm, and I think that’s where I can help.

When first starting out online, people often don’t know where to start or what comes next. My role and mission is to act as a guide that steers these people in the right direction, helping them learn from their mistakes.

I give people the tools, knowledge, resources, information, and encouragement to take advantage of this democratised abundance and experience success themselves- pretty cool, right?

My Approach (Not What You Might Expect)

Have you heard of Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs? It’s a psychological theory that comprises a five tier model of human needs. At the bottom, you’ll find the basics- ‘physiological needs’- which includes air, water, shelter, food, and clothing. Moving up, the next steps involve safety, belonging, and esteem. And on the top, you’ll find self-actualisation – the desire to be the best you can be.

I think the way I strive to serve people fits into this model pretty well. Before we talk about getting world-wide fame, recognition, and exiting your business, I want you to be able to fulfill the basics. I want your business to pay the bills and feed your family. After these basics have been met, only then can the advanced needs be considered.

Every person that comes into our community is offered support for whatever stage of their business they are in. We have freelancers that have just taken the leap to full time, and we also have seven-figure digital agency owners that are thinking about early retirement. That’s the brilliant thing about Agency Mavericks- everyone has a place.

You Should
Also Know

I’ve had many highlights along the journey so far, including:

The greatest highlight so far though, is undoubtedly the clients I have helped and the people I have met. The Agency Mavericks community is truly awesome, and I encourage you to join if you’re an ambitious digital creative that wants to be better and support others. 

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Want To Know More? Reach Out

If you’re interested in Agency Mavericks, I encourage you to join our Facebook group, where you’ll find a wealth of resources and support from like-minded digital creatives. Or, if you want to chat, the easiest way to reach me is to contact me here.