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We help freelancers and agency owners scale their business and
spend more time doing the things they love, with who they love.

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Guidance. Accountability. Community.

This is Agency Mavericks.

Agency Mavericks is a community of like-minded digital creatives all united by the mission to operate in abundance. We help marketing freelancers and agency owners scale their business, operate more efficiently, and experience more success for their clients and themselves.

Let’s Get Real
For A Second…

Where are you stuck right now? What’s that one hurdle that you can’t seem to jump? If you’re a digital marketing freelancer or agency owner, I can guess that it’s one of these roadblocks: 

Was I Right?

See, you’re not so alone after all. Most digital creatives experience the same struggles and Agency Mavericks is all about solving these shared problems. And let me tell you, it’s a whole lot easier when there are others to support you that have been through the same journey.

If you’re serious about growing your business, admitting you’re stuck or afraid is the first step to growth. Our approach doesn’t just focus on sales processes and business strategies (although we will give you practical and proven advice for these essentials). It’s also about elevating your confidence and belief as a business owner, so you feel ready to accept responsibility and accelerate to the next level.

This is How We Can Help

Online Courses by Troy Dean


We have over 40 courses that have been completed by 3000+ students across 70 countries! Our courses are the perfect place to start your journey with Agency Mavericks; they are engaging and include powerful, actionable steps.

Troy Dean - Speaking

Coaching and Services

Our coaching makes it easy for agency owners to access guidance and support. We also offer a range of done-for-you services designed to give you more value and action without the stress of implementation.

Community Facebook Application


Our 12k-strong Facebook group is filled with like-minded, motivated digital creatives. It’s the perfect spot for asking questions, brainstorming, and finding unique resources. You can also access exclusive content.

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Where Do You Want To Be?
Agency Mavericks Could Take You There.

Agency Mavericks will provide the frameworks, tools, guidance, and coaching you need to get you where you want to be. Our Mavericks operate their businesses from a place of abundance and know that support is only a call or click away. It’s our job to make sure you have the resources, connections, and support you need to succeed.

More Control

Of your business and
your life.

More Time

To spend doing things you
love with who you love.

More Freedom

To choose how you spend
your precious time.

Don’t Take it From Me

Our Goal: Have a 1000 Active Mavericks by 2033

Will you be one of them?

If you’re serious about growing your agency, then take the next step today- even if it’s just joining our Facebook group and connecting with more entrepreneurs in the space. You are invited and welcome.