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People I've Worked With

  • Australian Anthill
  • CPA
  • Westpac
  • IBM
  • Jessica Watson
  • FebFast
  • Cricket Australia
  • F1 Grand Prix
  • Melbourne Business Network
  • T2 Tea
  • Coffex

What They've Said

This is called “social proof” - where you read what others have said about working with me so you feel better about the prospect of working with me too.

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  • CPA

    Troy delivered an engaging keynote on social media with many practical tips for the audience to take away. I would highly recommend Troy as a keynote speaker.

    Jon Aloni - CPA

  • Proctor Major

    Troy speaks with authority on all aspects of social media and delivers training that is easy to understand and implement

    Stuart Major - Proctor Major

  • Entertainment Store

    Troy’s easy manner and expert knowledge has been such a find, and his ability to explain technological terms is outstanding.

    Libby Butler - Entertainment Store