I'm Troy Dean and I freakin' loooove the internet. I help savvy business owners and marketers use it to build awesome things.


WP Elevation and Video User Manuals are two of my projects.

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attracting perfect clients - part 1

Attracting Perfect Clients – Part 1: Lead Capture


I don’t care what business you’re in, it is possible to attract a perfect client using a very simple strategy on the Internet. In this series of posts I will walk you through the step-by-step process. I hope you’re paying attention and I don’t want to hear any excuses. I’m making the assumption that you have a…

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passive income is horse shit

Passive Income Is Horse Shit


G’day, Troy Dean here and I just wanted to make a short video for you to talk about passive income and the fact that it doesn’t exist. I just want to debunk this myth and dispel this rumour because I’ve had quite a lot of emails this week and phone calls and coaching calls on…

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Value-based pricing.

Value Based Pricing


I get questions all the time about value based pricing over at our business coaching program for WordPress consultants. One question I recently received was about quantifying value if a website was not set up for attracting customers. It was a good question so I thought I’d post the answer here. Value based pricing works…

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Troy and Gin

Recurring Revenue Live Workshop


We ran a live Recurring Revenue Roadmap workshop in Melbourne last Wednesday and helped over 45 small business owners start their plan to develop recurring revenue. I was honoured to have 5 amazing speakers join me in the room to share their success stories and challenges. The speakers were: Nathan Chan from Foundr Mag Dan Norris…

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troy dean new website design

New Design Iteration


In case you’re wondering if something has changed around here – well yes it has. I’ve rolled out a new iteration of the design of my website. I say “iteration” because the truth is I will NEVER be 100% happy with my own website. I’m a Virgo and I get bored very quickly. Not a good…

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troy dean on top of mt kosciuszko

Fixated On The Wrong Thing


As a marketer, it’s very easy to get fixated on the numbers. Especially if you market on the internet. Opt-in rates, conversion rates, funnel optimisations, traffic, engagement, sales. All this data tends to bore me. It used to excite me but the longer I spend marketing, the more I’m becoming enamoured with just one thing:…

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agIdeas International Design Forum MC Gig


I had the great pleasure of playing MC at the 25th anniversary of the agIdeas International Design Forum yesterday. Founded by Melbourne design icon Ken Cato, the International Design Forum has hosted over 600 of the world’s leading creatives and over 100K delegates over the last 25 years. The event took place at the Plenary…

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The 5 Best Kinds of Recurring Revenue | Inc.com


Not all recurring revenue business models equally valuable. You can think of it as a scale with five levels where the higher your business model falls on the scale, the more valuable it is. And the key to value in this case is making it hard for competitors to take your customers while also making…

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Freelancer research

Where Are The Best Freelancers In The World?


This is very interesting research indeed. My friends at HostAdvice.com conducted some research to determine whether or not nationality is a factor when it comes to price and quality of freelancers on Elance. Here’s the official infographic.

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